R. Turner Farms, Inc.

R. Turner Farms, Inc. is a family owned business located in Duplin County.  Max and Ray Turner are 4th generation farmers and now that Max's two sons have recently joined the family business, five generations have lived and worked the same land.  Max, Ray, and various members of the family manage 2700 acres.  The crops produced include cotton, wheat straw, horse hay, oats, rye, corn, soybeans, and wheat.  The farm also participates in cattle and hog production.  Max's two sons, Jeremy and Austin, have a chicken farm (J & A Farming).  Jeremy has recently started a small trucking business (J. Turner Trucking).  Ray also has an excavator and a bulldozer for clearing land.



R. Turner Farms, Inc.

191 Southerland Rd.

Albertson, NC 28508

Albertson, NC

A Family Farm for Generations